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     "CRITICISM MANAGEMENT" may be a new term, but it addresses a multitude of age-old, universal problems.  Fear of criticism gives Peer Pressure its power.  Misuse of criticism crushes dreams & promotes lies.  Inadequate criticism-management skills virtually guarantee that Annual Job Performance Reviews are useless exercises consuming valuable time, energy and emotions at best, and  monsters of dreadful destruction at worst.  
Refusal to accept valid criticism stifles our growth and success.  Equally as destructive is the refusal to release our minds from criticism's destructive power and hateful self-talk.  Either error magnifies the negative energy required merely to cope with our life situations, much less triumph over them.  
If you could control the results of all the criticism ever leveled against you, and virtually guarantee that even your staunchest foes couldn't truly harm you . . . how would life change?  "DRAMATICALLY!", says Detri L. McGhee, author of CRITICISM  MANAGEMENT: This C-A-T Tames Your Dragon. 
Mark Victor Hansen, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, commented that fear of criticism delayed his strong  promotion of his self-help wisdom & even the Chicken Soup series.  Knowing that someone of his accomplishments has struggled with these problems makes us even more aware that this is a widespread - no, universal - problem that needs to be seriously addressed.
Jessica Savitch, the phenomenally charismatic young newswoman who met an untimely death in 1984, was said to have had an unstable & unhappy personal life, in great part because she was never able to cope with the criticism she received as a child from her father.
The Columbine youths who murdered classmates & teachers never learned how to accept and cope with criticism and even taunting from their peers. Disgruntled workers who couldn't cope with the rejection expressed as criticism have slain their bosses & co-workers.   
Without criticism-management skills, the fear of failure and the fear of success can incapacitate and then consumed us.  Once the CAT System is understood and applied, dramatic improvements in daily attitude and control over our actions & reactions can be seen.  The techniques are very basic - even simple.  "But, remember, 'simple' isn't always 'EASY'!  Especially when family is involved",  McGhee admits with a smile.  When asked who might benefit from this information the most, McGhee paused thoughtfully. "Well . . . this was originally designed for and presented to adult business groups, but actually, I have found that those who benefit most are people between age 10 & 110 who use it!"  Special versions for children and teens are planned.  
free outline of the C-A-T system is now available at    Workbooks can be tailor-made to address specific criticisms common to any industry.  
For additional information, contact Detri McGhee at 1-870-370-0160 or log on to
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