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As in MUSIC . . .  so in LIFE . . . 

Learning to Celebrate the Differences in People will greatly lessen our desire to criticize others.  Instead of seeing some things as wrong", we will be able to see them as merely "different".  

Wouldn't Mozart, Bach, Elvis and Bill Gaither have been frustrated if life offered only one pitch, one tempo, one volume and one style?!

What if the only way to enjoy music was to PLAY an instrument?  How sad if the only dance was the Rumba!  Tragic if only women between 45 & 47 could sing.  And yet, sometimes we miss the song, dance & joy of enjoying people and appreciating their differences.
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Criticism Management System can benefit every participant, from young children to age 110!  

Give your employees, managers , friends, BOSS(!) and yourself this  easy-to-remember, simple-to-follow method to make criticism BENEFIT each person involved.  

Stop the destructive power of your critics.  Magnify the growth process for maturity and graciousness.

Sponsor workshops for your local schools!

This FUN and USEFUL workshop will amaze you, and benefit every facet of life - from work to home, for men and women, boys and girls, in any life-situation, and for all economic stations.  

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